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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to White House Academy.
Ours is a positive environment, a strong community based in the heart of Hailsham, and we are undergoing a consistent period of change.

We believe in the highest expectations and our mission is that every child who passes through our academy will leave us with all they need to excel at the next stage of their learning.

We work together to create a ‘can do’ environment and we believe in teaching our pupils how to share and grow and to develop integrity and generosity.

Please come and visit us soon.

Mrs Catt

Mrs E Catt
Executive Principal at White House Academy

Lilac Sky Academy Trust

What is special about a Lilac Sky Schools Primary Academy?

Intelligent Discipline – ‘Flooding the Academy with Positivity ’

In our Academies we are keen to ensure that pupils are managed positively and intelligently. Teachers in our Academies are trained not to ‘start on’ pupils in a negative way to get their attention, nor to be ‘hostile’ when things go wrong. Instead, we set out clear expectations for everyone in a ‘Code of Conduct’ which pupils adhere to in the classroom and outside of it, around the Academy. This ‘Code of Conduct’ is accompanied by a ‘Positive Recognition ‘ strategy of maintaining discipline, in which teachers employ rewards and recognition to reinforce positivity and ensure that we get the very best behaviour and achievement from our young people, because they can see that their positive efforts equate to positive achievements.


With our focus on providing quality learning and to promote high achievement for all our pupils in our Academies which is a community of pupils, teachers and parents/carers and in order to succeed in our aims it is important that each feel they belong to the Academy community and have a part to play. The wearing of uniform helps pupils identify with the Academy, increases their sense of commitment and helps to establish high standards of dress and appearance.

Marking, Assessment and Achievement
We have 12 Assessment-Points for your child throughout the year, to make sure that you know that your child is on track and is working to achieve the best possible outcomes that they can during their precious and formative early years in our Academy. To this end, you as a parent, or carer you can expect your child’s teacher to set your child an individual learning objective each day, which will stretch and challenge them to work to their ability.

Merits and Achievements Booklet
Your son, or daughter, will be given their own ‘Merits and Achievements Booklet’ in which ‘Merits’ can be collected each day for, Good Behaviour, Good Effort and Good Learning. It is important to us that you see this booklet and hear often that your child has succeeded in accumulating enough Merits to earn well- deserved Certificates, of which they can be justly proud. We know that positive recognition changes behaviour and improves achievement.

Leadership and Organisation
At Lilac Sky Schools we work together as a Leadership Team to make sure that all aspects of educational leadership are provided for our pupils and that the Academy is organised to the best of its organisational capabilities. A smooth orderly day allows teachers and pupils to get on with the job in hand, safe in the knowledge that they can focus on the individual needs of each child and this subsequently ensures that excellent learning can take place, with maximum progress made.

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
We want pupils in our Academy to ‘have fun’ while they learn, to work hard in their lessons and with their homework and to try and make ‘each other’s day,’ by achieving great things and all the while, to be relentless and determined to succeed.

All Lilac Sky Schools teachers complete the ‘Lilac Sky Outstanding Teacher Diploma Course’ and continue to receive coaching and training whilst working for us. Teachers are supported in producing the best possible Lesson-Plans for your sons and daughters classes and we follow the Lilac Sky Primary Curriculum – which ensures that National Curriculum requirements are met – but which also ensures that there is a targeted focus on Maths, English and other core subjects. At the same time we believe in creativity and active learning, where sport and extended Academy activities can be undertaken.
All of these measures make sure your child learns to read, write and develop mathematical skills at the right pace for them and enables them to move happily and successfully through their education and to become great citizens of the future.

The Academy Environment and Communications
It is very important that your child’s Academy is in an exciting, safe and well-designed environment, which allows teachers and pupils to learn and develop. It is very important that the children understand what is going on in their Academy and that you, as parents and carers, hear (every week through an Academy newsletter and website) what is going on and how well your son, or daughter, is doing.

Family Support
We want you to feel comfortable and at ease with your child in our hands. Each child attending one of our Academies will receive an Individual Learning Plan, which your class teacher will ensure is in place and working for you and your child.
If additional help is required, this will be arranged via our ‘Pastoral and Family’ support teams, who will ensure that your child’s learning needs and challenges are addressed, noted and acted upon and brought to successful conclusions.

A Lilac Sky Academy is a place to be safe, to learn, to enjoy and above all, where your child can achieve their very best. We want to work together with you to ensure the very best is yet to be!

Trevor new

Trevor Averre –Beeson
Chief Executive and Founder of Lilac Sky Schools

Academy Times

Children can arrive at White House Academy from 8.40am.

Registration 8.50am
Lessons begin 8.50am
Morning Break (20 minutes)
Lunch 12 noon to 1.00pm

Lessons finish 3.05pm
Children depart 3.10pm

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